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Raspberry Pi

Introduction to Single Board Computing
  • Components
  • Preparing SD Card
  • Installing Raspbian Operating System
  • Create accounts (user, root)

Raspbian Graphic User Interface

  • GUI Interface Overview
  • Raspberry Pi Configuration
  • Preferences
  • Menu System
  • Application Bundles
  • Understanding the Command Line interface


  • Connect to Internet via Wi-Fi
  • Configuring IP Address

Command Line Interface

  • GUI Interface Overview
  • sudo
  • raspi-config
  • apt-get

Mon & Wed                        4pm-6pm
Instructor  Rob Torres

Linux I

  • Linux Overview (Distribution) 
  • GUI .vs. CLI
  • Kernel
  • Installation/Configuration
  • Command Line
  • Sudo
  • Nano Text Editor
  • hostfiles
  • Networking
  • Services
  • Real World Application

       Create a WordPress Webpage

Tues & Thurs                      4pm-6pm
Instructor  Rob Torres

Python I

  • Coding with Python Overview
  • Installing Python 3.x
Python  Projects
  • Create Text Based Game
  • Create Straight Line Motion Game
  • Create Web App to Map and Monitor Seismic Activity  
  • Create Blog using Python Code


Sat                                         2pm-4pm
Instructor  Rob Torres

Introduction to Scratch

  • Ages 5 -16
  • Easy and fun Computer Language to create interactive stories, games and animations and share them online
  • Create amazing games
  • Create animated images called Sprites
  • Create songs in the Scratch Programming language!
  • Created by MIT and supported by the National Science Foundation
    (Grant No. 1044106).


Thur                          4pm-6pm
Instructor  Rob Torres

mBlock5 (Based on Scratch 3.0)

  • mBlock5 Overview
  • Installing mBlock5
  • Specially designed for STEAM education.
  • Features Block-based programming.
  • Features Text-based programming,
  • Create games
  • Create create animations
  • Program Makeblock robots
  • Program micro: bit.
  • Features Cutting Edge Technologies like (AI) Artificial Intelligence
  • Features Cutting Edge Technologies like (IoT) Internet of Things

Fri                               4pm-6pm
Instructor  Rob Torres